Aaron Dy

I am currently a PhD student researching synthetic and diagnostics. I do stuff in a research lab and some stuff outside of a research lab. But let’s be serious, mostly I’m in the lab. I’m in the process of populating this site with some of my research, writing, and personal interests.

As a 4th year PhD student in Biological Engineering at MIT, I spend most of my time studying how I can take advantage of biological parts to create new diagnostics and to make it easier to program bacterial cells. You can read more about my research here or check out my research publications or go to my Google Scholar page.

I also work in the MIT BE Communication Lab as a communication fellow. I hold coaching sessions and develop resources to help other students and researchers to improve their scientific communication. As fellows we have gone through specific training to coach other scientists through their communications work. The training I’ve received and the resources I’ve helped develop have been key to my development as an effective scientific communicator.

I write about synthetic biology for the PLOS Synthetic Biology Community Blog. I’ve interviewed leading synthetic biologists, summarized the latest research findings, and covered some of the top conferences. I’m currently a co-community editor with Daniela Quaglia and we’re always looking for new ways to engage with and write about the field of synthetic biology.