My research at MIT is mainly rooted in the field of synthetic biology that aims to engineer genetic parts to make new uses of nature’s broad capabilities. My biggest goal is to find ways in which biological parts can be predictably engineered to combat infectious diseases and control the microbial populations that influence our health.

In Vitro Diagnostic Circuits

I work to create new diagnostics using synthetic biology tools to enable detection of microbes like the bacterial present in the gut microbiome and the common viruses like HPV that cause cervical cancer.

Biomolecular Control for Predictable Performance

I’m interested in new circuit design guided by mathematical models to improve biomolecular control in bacterial cells. While many genetic parts and circuits have been made, there are still many elements that we still don’t understand when building more complex circuits. I believe by coupling well characterized circuits with modeling we can gain insights into how to improve circuits and how natural genetic circuits behave.