Science Blogging

Selected original posts from my tenure as PLOS Synbio Blog community editor:

Will crowdfunding get a synthetic biology win?
Engineered Probiotics as Living Medicine
Synthetic biology to help colonize Mars
The controversy over a “secret” meeting on synthetic human genomes?
CRISPR comes to TV
SynBioBeta SF 2016: What have we learned from Silicon Valley?
If sharing is caring, Addgene really cares about plasmids.
“Building with Biology” Synbio Outreach

Random writing: personal blogging, essays, Op-Eds, etc.

Personal blogging
Geographic polarization of U.S. science – my analysis of how state science funding varies
Hillary Clinton, our pro-science candidate
Why I donated bone marrow to a stranger and how you can too

Policy statements or Op-Eds
No loopholes in protecting civil rights (pdf)- as part of MIT Grad Student Council (GSC) on gender identity discrimination
About HB 1311 – Joint statement on protecting Indiana student voting rights, written while I was leading IU College Democrats and Daniel Cheesman lead IU College Republicans